8 comments on “DVD Review: WWE – CM Punk: Best in the World

  1. So let me get this right, you like this dvd, yeah? 😛

    Definitely gonna have to be a BR purchase. It clearly shows WWE respect Punk and his position on the roster (couldn’t think of any other word for it), to give him the freedom he has in this set. Either that or WWE has realised that just because they didn’t do something, doesn’t mean it isn’t good (or can’t make them some money).

    Another good review IP 🙂

  2. Along with your view that this DVD is the best DVD that WWE have produced then this review is the best review of yours that I have read kudos Angie 🙂

  3. I could listen to you talk or read what you’ve written all day long. You’re so passionate about the things you love and you see exactly what CM Punk is like without taking a negative or possitive view, just as it is. Perfect.

    • Thank you so much, this comment really made me smile :). I enjoy doing these reviews so much and the fact that my blog is so successful now makes me proud that I stick to my own style and people seem to respond to it.

      *hugs* You’re the best xx

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