5 comments on “DVD Review: WWE The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History

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  2. I’ve always liked finishers that look realistic and make you believe they hurt.. C4 as impressive as it is never did it for me.

    My favorite…. The Chokeslam.. Kane, Undertaker or Big Shows. Realistic looking and they looked like they hurt like hell 🙂 (and probably do !)

    • Oh yeah I definitely understand that, it’s like The Canadian Destroyer, it’s visually impressive but it does take a degree of suspension of disbelief to ignore the fact that the move is reliant on the opponent as it is the aggressor. I do enjoy a visually stimulating move though.

      I like the simplicity of the chokeslam, being thrust down from a height of over 7ft by your throat should never be overlooked. It is awesome.

  3. A good review 🙂

    I think they should have done the dvd differently though. I would have had it (in some cases) as, Number 10: The Frog Splash, then showing RVD, Eddie and D-Lo doing the spash… well maybe not D-Lo, but you get what I mean. The same goes for the Sharpshooter and the SDL. They could have even done it for the Ace crusher, and documentd it’s evolution, finally saying that Austin’s interpretation was the most devistating. But still, ovrall a good dvd and an excellent review 🙂

    • I completely agree with that statement, it is a toss up between being brutal and choosing a definitive variation of a particular move, or including the move as an entry with all it’s variants featured.

      No way should one move take up two or three spots, and it definitely shouldn’t be the case for 4 or five moves, almost a third of the countdown is 4 different moves, that’s preposterous.

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